Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is Indonesia....
The orange spot is Jakarta, where
Jakarta Old Town or Kota Tua in
Indonesian is.
This is the map of Jakarta....
You can see the Sunda Kelapa, Old
Batavia, and Jakarta History Museum
in the map.
This is the map of Kota Tua....

Sunda Kelapa

Sunda Kelapa, better known as Pasar Ikan

(meaning fish market) is located at the

mouth of the Ciliwung River. The fish

catch of the day was auctioned in the early

morning at the old fish market. The street

leading to it was lined with shops selling all

sorts of shells, dehydrated turtles, lobsters

and mostly everything the seafarer might need.

This 500-year-old harbor area was a vital link to

markets of the outside world for the 15th

century kingdom of Pajajaran. It was formerly

the harbor town of Sunda Kelapa where the

Portuguese traded with the Hindu Kingdom of

Pajajaran in the early 16th century. Since than

this port has belonged to the portuguese and Dutch.

The Important Sites of Jakarta Old Town

Friday, May 28, 2010


Jakarta old town is a very mysterious.
It is filled with lots of Indonesian history.
We, The Legendary Explorers group,
has explore Jakarta old town.
It was great! We learn lots of things.
They got some paintings, and stuff like that.
And we got some pictures too.
Enjoy. :)

Our new blog

Hey, this is the Legendary Explorers.
We have make a blog to promote Jakarta old town.
We have seen that Jakarta old town has lots of history in it.
But it seems that nobody ever care about it.
So we wanted to promote so that everybody knows how precious is Jakarta old town.
So enjoy our blog! ☺